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How to build a 2-month deep sales pipeline with cold outreach & AI

Welcome to NGG - your weekly 4-minute document explaining how to leverage AI and omnichannel cold outreach to book B2B sales calls so you can scale your business.

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Are you tired of an empty pipeline and scrambling to find customers?

What if you could have predictable sales booked months in advance?

With the right cold outreach approach, you can build a healthy 6+ month pipeline.

So say goodbye to the sales rollercoaster!

In this week’s edition, I’ll share tips to line up deals far in advance using cold outreach and AI.

Let’s jump in…

Step 1: Identify your ideal prospects

To fill your pipeline, you first need to know exactly WHO you want to target and what to say to lure your potential client to your services.

Many businesses waste time pitching anyone and everyone.

Don’t fall into that trap!

Instead, build an “ideal customer profile” based on your current happiest clients.

Look for more companies that match the same traits:

  • Industry

  • Size

  • Technologies used etc.

This clear focus is essential to outreach that resonates.

Step 2: Find decision-maker contacts

Now you know WHO to target.

But you need to know specifically WHO to contact at each company.

These aren’t just anyone with a pulse. You need to connect with the real decision-makers who can buy from you.

Use data tools like ZoomInfo and to uncover titles, emails, and numbers of key executives in your prospect companies.

Connect with the VP of Sales, CMOs, CEOs, and founders directly on platforms such as LinkedIn and email. Go straight to the top!

Step 3: Personalize your outreach

Here comes the most important part: personalized outreach.

Generic copy/paste messages are spam and get deleted.

Instead, tailor each email or message specifically to the prospect and their needs.

Use their name, company, and role. Mention your connection in common. Demonstrate you understand their pain points and can be a solutions partner to get them their desired results.

This relevant, personalized approach is how you get responses!

Step 4: Use AI to scale outreach

Crafting hundreds of personalized messages is tough.

That’s where AI tools come in…

Pre-trained AI copywriters can help you draft messages that sound natural and unique to each prospect.

Email automation tools like Outreach and Salesloft then let you scale sending and tracking.

Now you can reach hundreds of prospects while preserving personalization.

Step 5: Follow up persistently

The harsh truth about outreach…

Most prospects will ignore your first few messages.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up!

Follow up 5-7x over 2 months. Use email, and LinkedIn to vary your touches with something such as " shot you an email and thought to made sense to connect with you as well " over LinkedIn.

Stay organized with AI-powered tracking. Persistence PAYS OFF.

Step 6: Book discovery calls

With consistent and personalized outreach, prospects will warm up.

Set initial meetings focused on learning about them first. Then explain how you can help.

Discovery calls let you build trust while qualifying leads further.

Schedule them in your CRM, and keep selling from there!

Final thoughts

In just 6 months of focused and consistent outreach, you can build a pipeline of sales booked far in advance.

I hope these tips help you build a well-stocked pipeline through outreach and AI.

Don’t forget to follow up with your prospects!

Have an amazing rest of your week. And as always, reach out if you have any questions.

Talk soon,


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