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How to book at least 50 calls with Ai

Welcome to NGG - your weekly 4-minute guide explaining how to leverage AI and omnichannel cold outreach to book B2B sales calls so you can scale your business.

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Let’s be honest:

Generic outreach messages just don’t cut it anymore.

Prospects instantly spot (and delete) copy/pasted emails.

To grab attention, you need personalization.

Make prospects feel special by showing them you did your homework and understand their specific needs.

But personalizing at scale is tough.

That’s where AI comes in - it does the heavy lifting for you.

Follow these 7 simple steps to take your outreach to the next level with AI-powered personalization:

Step 1: Dig deep into prospects

Forget surface-level LinkedIn stalking. Go deep by compiling unique intel like:

  • Previous jobs and employers

  • Publications, patents, projects

  • Conference attendance

  • Awards and honors

  • Interests and hobbies

Tools like Clearbit, RocketReach, and Lusha help uncover these gems. Populate detailed profiles in your CRM to fuel personalization.

Step 2: Create a swipe file of personalized templates

Leverage your prospect research to build a swipe file of hundreds of tailored outreach templates with custom detail placeholders.

Craft targeted templates for specific:

  • Roles and titles

  • Companies and industries

  • Locations

  • Interests and use cases

Get creative with hooks like:

“Loved your presentation at [Conference] on [Topic]”.

Variety is key - generate tons of options to match prospects.

Step 3: Let AI match prospects to best message

The AI matching engine analyzes each prospect’s profile and identifies the most relevant message template.

It considers all the personalized details like role, seniority, location, interests, and more.

Sophisticated deep learning algorithms select the optimal template to grab attention.

The AI takes care of the tedious process of sifting through hundreds of templates to find the perfect match.

This removes a major friction point and bottleneck that’s used to slow down personalization at scale.

Step 4: Blast out at scale (but still personalized)

With personalized messages tailored to each recipient, you can execute high-volume outreach campaigns while retaining personalization.

Leverage multi-channel strategies across email, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

The AI engine ensures every message sent is optimized for the prospect receiving it.

Prospects feel a 1:1 connection, even though you’re blasting out messages at scale.

It’s the best of both worlds - personalization meets scalability.

Step 5: Analyze performance to refine AI

Carefully track open and response rates for each message variant sent.

Identify patterns in what subject lines, content styles, and offers resonate best.

Look for trends by prospect seniority, industry, role, and other attributes.

Feed these insights back into the AI engine to further optimize personalization.

Continuous refinement of the AI’s selection criteria improves future matching.

Performance metrics make the platform smarter over time.

Step 6: Expand beyond email

Once you’ve optimized email outreach, look to new channels like direct mail, SMS, chatbots, and events.

Treat each channel as a new opportunity to apply personalization best practices.

Adapt your strategy but maintain the 1:1 relevance in each interaction.

More personalized touchpoints mean more ways to grab attention and connect with ideal prospects.

Every channel expands your reach.

Step 7: Make it dynamic

Maintain agility in your outreach strategy over time.

Continuously enrich prospect data, A/B test new templates and refine messaging based on performance.

As prospect preferences change, keep your personalization engine updated.

The AI matching will stay razor-sharp if you feed it the right data.

With this dynamic, agile approach, your outreach machine will keep getting smarter.

Response rates will steadily improve.

Final thoughts

In today’s competitive landscape, generic outreach is a non-starter. Personalization is crucial.

Follow these 7 steps to take your outreach to the next level with AI-fueled personalization.

Prospects will feel special, and your inbox will fill up fast. Let’s connect to discuss how my team can help!

Until next time,

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