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40 high-impact B2B email templates

Welcome to NGG - this weekly 14-minute document explaining how to leverage AI and omnichannel cold outreach to book B2B sales calls so you can scale your business.

If you want to grow your B2B business, book a call to learn more about how we can help:

Backed by Nexar Growth Group and its clients’ real-world experiences, this comprehensive collection features 40 carefully curated templates of B2B cold emails. Unleash the power of proven intro emails, strategic follow-ups, and gracious closing emails in your outreach efforts.

How to use these templates?

  1. Pick the one you think would resonate the best with your ideal customers.

  2. Replace the pieces highlighted in gray with your own value proposition, examples, stats, and success stories.

You’re welcome to modify the message according to your specific business case or use them for inspiration

20 best introductory templates to present your value prop

Email 1

Subject line A: You or {{Referral_Name}}? Subject line B: What energy storage do you provide?

Hi {{FirstName}}, Am I right to be reaching out to you to discuss the domestic energy storage solutions {{Company}} is currently providing its customers with? Let me know if I should contact {{Referral_Name}}. The essential feature of {{Company}} is that in the daytime, batteries store the excess energy generated by solar panels, while at night, you can charge batteries using a generator or inexpensive off-peak grid power. Would you be interested in a quick introductory talk so I can walk you through our products’ advantages for your clients? Maybe next week? Appreciate your consideration, {{Sender}}

Email 2

Subject line A: care for a coffee? Subject line B: let’s grab a coffee on Thursday Subject line C: {{FirstName}}, coffee next week?

Hi {{FirstName}}, I am currently looking to expand partnerships in {{State}} and would love to discuss how {{Company}} identifies industry trends, research, and insights across the {{Industry}} industry and get to know you over a cup of coffee. At {{Company}}, we help our {{Industry}} clients solve their biggest innovation challenges by {{Key_value_prop}}. I’d love to discuss how {{Company}} can leverage our custom innovation solutions to:

  • {{Value_prop_part_1}}

  • {{Value_prop_part_2}}

  • {{Value_prop_part_3}}

Do you have time next {{Day}} to meet for coffee or lunch? Best, {{Sender}}

Email 4

Subject line: {{FirstName}}, seeking your expert opinion…

Hi, {{FirstName}} Product experts are long overdue for a set of tools to make their lives easier. Every other department has modern technology to streamline their activities, so why is a product manager’s work still done primarily in Excel? To address this, we’ve created {{Company}}​ — a platform to help {{Value_prop}}. Because of your expertise in the field, I was hoping you might be willing to see a quick demo and provide some feedback on whether our software may be helpful to an organization like {{Company}}​ (or not). Any interest in helping out? Thanks, {{Sender}}

Email 5

Subject line A: {{FirstName}} need your expert opinion Subject line B: {{FirstName}}, your insights

Hi {{FirstName}}, Because your background and skills piqued my interest, I’m writing to inquire whether {{Company}} uses proxies to gather data and what challenges you face in the process. One of the most significant challenges we’ve discovered is finding a simple way to collect the data you need from your target websites without rate limits and with the most appropriate IPs, rotated for the precise results you want. Would you be interested to participate in a short interview to share your experiences with data gathering at {{Company}}? Best, {{Sender}}

Email 6

Subject line A: Your spot at the {{Webinar name}} Subject line B: {{FirstName}}, don’t miss out on this webinar

Hi {{FirstName}}, Do you think {{Company}} would benefit from a tool that brings together chat and task management capabilities, enhancing collaboration and boosting productivity? If so, join our special {{Company}} {{Webinar_name_date_and_time}} and learn how you can streamline workflows and synchronize communication in real-time. You’ll walk away understanding how {{Company}} can bring collaboration into one space and integrate notifications from different workflow programs, including {{Tool_1}}, {{Tool_2}}, {{Tool_3}}, and other workplace tools. If you’re willing to attend the webinar, just send your YES and I’ll send you a link. Hope to see you among our attendees, {{Sender}}

Email 7

Subject line A: You or {{Referral_Name}}? Subject line B: App development within days for {{Company}} Subject line C: {{Company}} + {{Your_Company}} = fast and right apps Subject line D:: {{FirstName}}, your invite to {{Conference_Name}}

Hi {{FirstName}}, I’m searching for the best person who deals with the acceleration of {{Company}}’s largest digital transformation initiatives. Will it be you or {{Referral_Name}}? 67% of CIOs say that talent shortages are holding them back from transformation as they cause delays. {{Company}} visual, model-driven {{Technology}} ensures {{Company}} builds apps in days or weeks instead of months or years. At the heart of the {{Company}} platform are {{Value_prop}}. Do you or your team have projects around customer experience, workplace innovation, process automation, or core systems’ modernization? I’d also like to invite you to our virtual {{Summit name and dates}} to learn how {{Company}} can empower {{Company}} to achieve your transformation goals by building business-critical cloud applications. Would also be great to have a brief chat before the event. How about next Tuesday at 3 p.m.? Talk soon, {{Sender}}

Email 8

Subject line: You or the {Referral_Title} Subject line: Is {Company} hiring?

Hi {FirstName}, I’ve been monitoring news and trends in {{Industry}} and noticed that {{Company}} experiences exciting growth. That means you must have a lot on your plate in terms of hiring the right people fast. I’ve been fostering engagement with a number of fast-growing companies, so I’m familiar with the bottlenecks associated with sourcing talent with relevant expertise. Would {{Company}} be interested in taking advantage of top-tier {{Your_Company}} experts to manage your end-to-end CMS organization, including new client implementation and onboarding, day-to-day operations, strategic expansion, renewals, etc.? Cheers, {{Sender}}

Email 9

Subject line A: need your expertise, {{FullName}} Subject line B: {{Your Company name}} + {{FullName}}: Interview

Hi {{FirstName}}, I’m reaching out on behalf of {{Your_Company}} to ask whether you’d be willing to share your professional expertise and receive some additional media exposure for {{Company}}. As a leading {{Your_specialization}} provider, we are conducting interviews with selling specialists to discuss how leaders in the market are deploying digital solutions to engage customers and drive revenue growth. Let me know if you or {{Referral_Name}} are interested in participating, and we can schedule a call next week. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 10

Subject line A: Our meeting at {{Tradeshow_Name}} Subject line B: Have you seen my previous email? Subject line C: {{FirstName}}, your participation at {{Tradeshow_Name}}

Hi {{FirstName}}, Hope you are doing well. As I have been in touch with you regarding the {{Company}} products, I thought you might be interested in visiting our booth for a quick meeting at the {{Tradeshow_Name}} in {{City}}, which takes place {{Date_Range}}. To recap, {{Your_Company}} can help {{Company}} improve quality and lower costs by reducing machine setup time, eliminating crashes, and optimizing cycle times by simulating your NC programs in a digital twin environment. {{Client_Company_1}}, {{Client_Company_2}}, and {{Client_Company_3}} trust us when choosing {{Your_Product}}. When would be the best time to meet us at booth #{{Number}} and receive a quick demo of the {{Company}} suite? Talk soon, {{Sender}}

Email 11

Subject line A: We missed you at our webinar on executing innovation Subject line B: Sorry you couldn’t make it to our webinar — here’s what you missed Subject line С: {{FirstName}}, too bad you couldn’t join our webinar

Hi {{FirstName}}, We’ve been in touch regarding the webinar we hosted recently — we know life gets busy, so no worries. I thought I’d still reach out personally since the webinar was literally packed with super helpful insights and I was wondering if you’d like to have the recording to watch it in your own good time. After the webinar, some attendees actually reached out to me saying that “it’ll be a game-changer for innovation management at my company.” Just shoot me a reply and I’ll be glad to send you the recording. Also, as one of the webinar speakers, I can break down some main points for you over a chat and answer your personal questions — just let me know when would be a good time. Thanks, {{Sender}}

Email 12

Subject line A: Contact info: {{ReferralName}}? Subject line B: You or {{ReferralName}}

Hi {{FirstName}}, I’m curious to learn how {{Company}} is tracking on-shelf SKU availability and planogram compliance — should I speak with you or {{ReferralName}}? With our {{Product/Technology}}, each of our clients can equip up to 5000 sales reps with {{Value_prop}} and enforce the perfect store program 3 to 5 times more time-efficiently. We help {{Industry}} brands like {{Client_Company_1}}, {{Client_Company_2}}, and {{Client_Company_3}} implement {{Product/Technology}}} to improve {{KPI}} by up to {{Number}}%. As a proof of concept, I’d like to offer a complimentary audit session so that we can actually show in numbers the impact {{Company}} may have. If you’re the right person, how about connecting next Tuesday? Best, {{Sender}}

Email 13

Subject line A: Brief 20-minute meeting

Hi {{FirstName}}, Our team is going on a business trip across {{State}} in two weeks. We have many new exciting things happening at {{Company}} and would like to share them with you. Did you know that:

  • Inflation is higher than it has been in 40 years?

  • Customers are pickier than ever before?

  • We are mostly past COVID?

Therefore, it’s the perfect time to collaborate with {{Company}} to get {{Value_prop_part_1}}. Keep in mind that we service all major companies such as {{Client_Company_1}}, {{Client_Company_2}}, and {{Client_Company_3}}, etc. With us, your products will be {{Value_prop_part_2}}. We execute price changes, audits, or any special project you may have. We will be happy to arrange a Zoom chat if you aren’t available for a live meeting. Thank you and best regards, {{Sender}}

Email 14

Subject line A: should I contact you or {{Referral_Name}}? Subject line B: would you mind providing feedback, {{FirstName}}?

Hello {{FirstName}}, I am sorry for taking you away from your daily duties at {{Company}}. It’s just that we’ve recently released an app for Shopify fashion stores, and I’d like to solicit professional feedback from you or {{ReferralName}}. Basically, with {{Company}}, you can {{Value_prop}}. Some of our clients have already seen a {{Number_1}}% increase in mobile session duration and a {{Number_2}}% conversion growth within {{Period}}. Thus, we’d like to launch a 2-week testing period for {{Company}} to see if we can provide similar results for you. And, as a startup eager to grow, the only thing we ask in exchange is your professional feedback. Any openings to connect on Thursday? Best, {{Sender}}

Email 15

Subject line A: Should I contact you or {{Referral_Name}}? Subject line B: {{Company}}’s payments on the go

Hi {{FirstName}}, Would you be the best person to discuss upgrading your methods to process payments at {{Company}}, or should I contact {{Referral_Name}}? Our goal is to make payment processing simple and convenient for your members. {{Your_Company}} can surely benefit from deploying {{Product}} that handles recurrent payments and installments. With {{Product}}, you can always process payments on the go, which is especially great for big yearly events. Would be great to sync up next week so I can tell you how easy it is to integrate and work with the tools. How about next {{Date_and_Time}}? Talk soon, {{Sender}}

Email 16

Subject line A: {{Company}}<>{{Your Company name}} follow-up Subject line B: {{FirstName}}, are you focusing on a bigger picture?

Hi {{FirstName}}, I hope things are going well. We previously touched base on leadership development at {{Company}}. I thought you might enjoy my recent {{Post link}}. If the article piques your interest, I’d be happy to share additional information on how {{Post’s_topic}}. We incorporate it into all of our work and leadership development programs around building strong teams and organizational culture. Looking forward to hearing from you, {{Sender}}

Email 17

Subject line A: {{Company}}<>{{Your Company name}} follow-up Subject line B: {{Company}}<>{{Your Company name}} partnership

Hi {{FirstName}}, Hope things are going well for you. It’s been a while since we were in touch, so I thought I’d check to see if there’s any potential for further engagement. First off, I’m curious to know if you’ve received your {{Sample_name}} as a sample unit. If so, I’d appreciate your feedback and the specifics on any upcoming project where we may be a fit. On another note, we recently upgraded our {{Product}} and continue extending our partnerships with companies like {{Company}}. Many of our partners have added more {{Your_Company}} products to their solution set to satisfy the need for {{Need}}. I’d be extremely happy if you could share your observations on the {{Your_Company}} products. Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 18

Subject line A: You or {{ReferralName}} Subject line B: All-in-one {{Product}} for {{Company}} Subject line C: Result-driven {{Product}} for {{Company}}

Hello {{FirstName}}, I’m looking for the best person at {{Company}} to talk to about your {{Need}} needs — would that be you or {{ReferralName}}? With the {{Your_Company}}, {{Company}} can have entry to 20M+ paywalled articles, 7M+ open-access articles, and 100M+ articles that can be purchased ala carte from publishers like {{Title_1}}, {{Title_2}}, and more. Could you please let me know if I’m on the right track? Appreciate your response, {{Sender}}

Email 19

Subject line A: 30-minute presentation for {{Company}} Subject line B: For leaders in {{Industry}}

Hi, {{FirstName}} I’m emailing to invite you to something new we’re offering leaders in {{Industry}}. As founders of {{Your_Company}} we’ve compiled years of training experience to create {{Product_name}} — a one-of-a-kind {{Product_type}} solution that helps companies {{Value_prop}}. One of our {{Industry}} partners was kind enough to share how our non-degree programs helped them efficiently upskill, re-skill, mobilize, and retain talent at their business. We’ve outlined the most useful information in a 30-minute presentation, and we’d love for you to see it. Any open slots next week? Let’s say on {{Date_and_time}}? Best, {{Sender}}

Email 20

Subject line A: {{FirstName}}, expert advice on {{CRM_name}} automation Subject line B: test automation recommendations for {{Company}}

Hi {{FirstName}}, I’ve been following {{Company}} for a while and see that you’re actively implementing automation into your {{CRM_name}} testing workflows. Since many companies like {{Company}} struggle with {{CRM_name}} automation due to its frequent updates, shadow DOMs, heavy DOM, or internal team’s skill gap, I thought that you might find our article on how to make your software test automation succeed quite valuable. In this article, you’ll find information on how {{Company}} can break out of the linear and experimental process of automation for continuous testing and continuous delivery. Should I send it over to you? Best, {{Sender}}

Our 10 best-performing follow-up emails

Email 21

Subject line A: {{FirstName}} <> {{Sender}} Subject line B: Contribution to {{Company}}’s product development

Hi {FirstName}, I’ve reached out to you a few times previously, but the timing might have been off. Hope this is a better time to connect. To recap: At {{Your_Company}}, we are interested in becoming a strong technological partner for {{Company}}, ready to cover your custom software development needs for your laboratory devices. Our team of scientists, UX designers, and software engineers can effectively complement your employees’ existing talents by taking care of the entire software development lifecycle, starting with requirements and specifications, followed by development, testing, and maintenance. Let’s talk about how {{Company}} can give you leverage against competing products and companies. What day works best for you next week to go over the details during a quick call? Thank you, {{Sender}}

Email 22

Send this template in the initial email thread

Good {{Time Of The Day}} {{FirstName}}, The last thing I want to do is bother you, so please tell me to take a hike if you simply don’t have time. Would you be able to meet next week? We could also hop on a quick call, and you can decide if meeting in person is worth your time. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 23

Send this template in the initial email thread

{{FirstName}}, Just want to be sure my previous mail didn’t go unnoticed. Any time slots next week to discuss our potential partnership? If you or {{Referral_Name}} are not in charge, I’d appreciate it if you could loop me in with the right person. Talk soon, {{Sender}}

Email 24

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, Did you have a chance to review my previous email and the post on {{Topic}}? I’d be happy to jump on a quick call to share how we help leaders {{Value-prop}}. Just let me know if that’s of interest. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 25

Send this template in the initial email threadHi {{FirstName}}, We are the trusted partner of companies from your sphere of influence like {{Client_Company_1}}, {{Client_Company_2}}, {{Client_Company_3}} and more. I’d like to showcase the benefits you could receive from our potential partnership. Let me know if you’re available for a short conversation. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 26

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, A few days ago, I emailed you introducing {{Company}}, my company. I was hoping you or {{Referral_Name}} could provide us with professional feedback. I’ve founded {{Your_Company}} to help small and medium-sized businesses like {{Company}} grow mobile session duration and drive conversion without the need for developers. Our app has already resulted in a {{Number}}% uplift in {{Metric}} for {{Company_type}}. We are optimistic about a 2-week testing period for {{Company}}, so you can see the value first and decide later. Please let me know your thoughts. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 27

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, Following up on my last email. I’ve prepared our [Brochure] where you can find info on how to simplify {{Company}}’s {{Process_1}}, {{Process_2}}, and {{Process_3}}. You’re welcome to take a look and let me know if you’ve got any questions! Best, {{Sender}}

Email 28

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, I realize that you might be swamped with work, but I hope my previous email did not go unnoticed. I am up for discussing the biggest roadblocks you and your team encounter with {{Process_1}} and {{Process_2}}. Let me know if you are available for a short interview anytime next week. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 29

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, Checking in to see if you have considered my offer to discuss partnership opportunities. Here’s a case study that illustrates our work very well — {{Case studies link}}. Curious to find out what you think. Do you have any openings next week to grab coffee together? Cheers, {{Sender}}

Email 30

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, did you have a spare minute to review my previous note? I’m from {{Company}}, a leading {{Solution}} provider. We are currently gathering feedback from {{Industry}} professionals on digital advertising and web development. Given your background and experience, I was hoping I could interview you to share your valuable insights with our audience. Sound good? Let me know when you’re available for a quick call. Best, {{Sender}}

10 polite and not salesy templates to close the sequence

Email 31

Subject line A: You or {ReferralName}? Subject line B: Contact info: {ReferralName}?

Hi {First Name}, I’ve sent you a few emails regarding an opportunity I think could really impact your current {{Processes}} at {{Company}}. I certainly don’t want to fill up your inbox, so this will be my last email for now. If you would like to learn how other {{Industry}} leaders use {{Product}} to address the {{Issue_description}} within {{Company}} can thrive personally and professionally, please let me know. Best, {{Sender}} P.S. If {{ReferralName}} would be better suited to receive this information, please let me know.

Email 32

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, In my last emails, I’ve sent you materials that in my opinion can help {{Company}} overcome challenges in {{CRM_name}} testing workflows. This is one last file I’d like to share with you on {{Product}}’s {{Value_prop}}. I hope you’ll find it useful. You’re welcome to [follow the link] if you’re interested. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 33

Subject line A: Perhaps we can connect next month

Hi {{FirstName}}, I am still hoping to connect with you and discuss how {{Company}} handles the {{Issue}}. I believe {{Company}} can benefit from {{Your_Company}}’s solution as it helps optimize {{KPI/Parameter/Process_1}} as well as {{KPI/Parameter/Process_2}}, {{KPI/Parameter/Process_3}}, etc. If now is not the time, how about we reconnect next month? Best, {{Sender}}

Email 34

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, If you’re too busy this week, let me know your availability for a conversation next month, and we’ll be happy to arrange the time then. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 35

Subject line: Looks like our timing is off

Hi {{FirstName}}, Although I know our team could be of great value to you, I realize it might not be the best time. Feel free to just drop me a line when a need pops up: We’ll set up a quick chat. Anyway, let’s keep in touch, {{FirstName}}. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 36

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, It’d be great if you could share with me current issues and existing {{Industry}} challenges at {{Company}}. I’m sure we can figure out ways to resolve them. Let me know if you would be available for a quick live meeting or Zoom chat. Best, {{Sender}}

Email 37

Subject line A: Haven’t heard from you, {{FirstName}} Subject line B: Missed an opportunity to connect with you, {{FirstName}}

{{FirstName}}, I’ve reached out to you a few times previously, but the timing might have been off. {{Your_Company}} could be instrumental in your plan to boost sales, making sure {Company}’s market share will always be higher than that of key competitors. In the attached, you will find a case study about how we achieved the same result for our customers in {{Sub-industry}}. Would a short call next {{Day}} work for you? Best, {{Sender}}

Email 38

Send this template in the initial email thread

Hi {{FirstName}}, I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to find a slot for a face-to-face meeting, so I thought that maybe we could talk over a virtual coffee sometime next week. How about next {{Date_and_time}}? Thanks, {{Sender}}

Email 39

Subject line A: {{Company}} + {{Company}} = quick, robust apps Subject line B: AI-powered dev platform at {{Company}}

Hi {{FirstName}}, hope you are well. Interested in seeing modern app dev in action? Let’s schedule a time to connect and discuss how {{Your_Company}} can help you be more productive in building, delivering, and maintaining enterprise-grade, mission-critical software. How about a quick chat next week? Have a great day, {{Sender}} P.S. Also, I’d like to invite you to our {{Name}} webinar on {{Date}}, where you will experience the power of {{Product}}.

Email 40

Send this template in the initial email thread

{{FirstName}}, Although I am confident that our team could be of great value to you, I realize it might not be the best time. If you start facing challenges with {{Process}} in your {{Team/Department/Product}} or have an upcoming project to deliver shortly, I think we could help. My schedule is tightly packed, but if you have a few openings next week, let’s talk. Otherwise, how about touching base in a few months? Please let me know your thoughts, {{Sender}}

That’s it!

Having sent more than 4 million cold emails on behalf of our clients, we secured an average 7% reply rate, maximizing the scheduled appointments in their calendars.

If you want these and even better results for your cold outreach campaigns, contact us at to drive regular qualified appointments and boost your ROI!

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