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Kyle Meadows

An interesting fact about Kyle is that he wanted to be a lifeguard growing up so that he had a reason to be on the beach and could surf when not busy saving people. However, he is not the biggest fan of swimming and water today and prefers a holiday in the bush.

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About Kyle

Kyle comes from a family focused on the banking industry. After matriculating from Pretoria Boys High School, he pursued a career in rugby and played for the Vodacom Blue Bulls. After a short but valuable stint, he moved overseas and continued his career in France , where he become successful in the sport. After a career in sports, Kyle followed his other passion, which was sales and seeing companies grow, and worked as the head of growth for an international sales company. In this period, Kyle saw a massive gap and opportunity to bring this service to South Africa. Having started Nexar Growth Group after great success with his sales services, he decided to expand the services offered to act as a one-stop growth marketing service where companies could get all the services needed. These services included Research & Consulting all the way to closing the deals and recently bringing on Financial services , Investing and hopefully soon , Legal & Advisory Services.

When Kyle is not in the office working, he loves spending time with his family and friends and his passion for giving back to the community by coaching in underprivileged communities.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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